Why should you do Pilates?

I am a Pilates Instructor and have been for nearly a decade now (how time flies when you are getting older!) and one of the questions I get asked again and again is why should you do pilates with a close follow up question so what’s the difference between pilates and yoga?

Pilates certainly can assist recovery from injury, help improve mobility and flexibility and generally work your whole body, however there needs to be the desire to do it or recognise why you really should do Pilates, not just because the GP says so.

Consider this, you are past the glorious twenties and heading towards the less known forties. Perhaps you are drawing much closer to 50 (OMG). Age creeps up on us and obviously your body will change in many ways but what if you had the ability to slow down the ageing process and treated your body more like your car?

We spend a lot of money buying a car that to a greater extent is in good condition. It’s had a service, MOT or it’s shiny and brand new.

By law you have to give your car a MOT so why oh why don’t we give our bodies this kind of treatment?

You may be keeping fit in leaps and bounds but I strongly suspect as those forties approach, you don’t quite bounce back as quickly and getting up seems to be a little bit stiffer and less inspiring prospect each morning.

What if I said it doesn’t have to be.

For me pilates can give you a new lease of life and compliment and improve your other workouts even if you are into high intensity (which I am by the way).

Back to the question therefore then why should you do pilates?

Want to wake up with a spring in your step?

Want to sleep better?

Want to get up and down the stairs quicker and up from your seat more easily?

Want to reduce if not get rid of that niggling back ache?

Want to actually start understanding what’s good for your body?

Want to meet other people who value their health in a calmer, less intense way?

Am I selling it to you yet?

I could go all heavy into the pilates method but really the simple fact is it can and does improve your movement, it will reduce aches and pains, relax you and give your body a low impact, resistance workout.

I chose to teach pilates because I know it is good for me and although I am an energy bunny loving Crossfit, I’ve got to be realistic, and give my body some TLC.  I also love the feeling of movement in all planes of direction. Feeling tension release as I learn to move more efficiently than I used to in my twenties.

So if I were you, I’d give it a go.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and whatever you decide about it, even if pilates is not for you, how you move is important so make sure flexibility features in your daily activities. You need to be fit for purpose and look at your health for longevity and pilates definitely ticks the boxes in this regard.

And that other question pilates v yoga? Well that would be another article in itself 😏