Why have a Biomechanic Assessment

As a Specialist Biomechanics Coach™ our skills are in identifying biomechanical areas at risk of injury within your body (pelvis, spine, shoulders, knee, feet, joints, muscles and nerves).

What is involved in an assessment?

It is a manual screening system that requires no machinery, so it is very safe and has been shown to be very effective. The programme is evidence based and has been tried and tested over the last 25 years on both Olympic athletes and the general public to the same effect. Your assessment will take up to 1.5hrs dependent upon questions, and part of the assessment will involve lying on a therapy couch, some sitting, some standing and if possible some hopping.


Why would you have a biomechanics assessment?

  • to improve your movement for both daily activities and sporting performance
  • to regain better functional movement after injury

If you are experiencing recurring injuries then this type of assessment will help you move away from poor movement patterns to regain your form.

If you are struggling doing daily activities, this assessment will help you start to move more easily so that you can lift, carry, push, pull – do all those activities that are necessary to function.

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