What’s your health quest in 2016?

That time of year is here when we are all looking to try and feel a bit better after eating more than usual over Christmas. We just don’t quite feel right in our bodies, they are a little softer, heavier, and not moving as comfortably as they did before Christmas. This doesn’t mean though that we have to go crazy through January to return things back to normal, and what’s normal anyway? In fact this is the year that I think we should take things slowly, steadily and make these changes actually become lifestyle changes and not quick fixes.

I’ve spent countless Christmas’ going for it in January only to find that I’m caught up in a yo yo dieting circle that just keeps going round and round each month, so I’m taking a step back and yes I did eat more than I should have done at Christmas and drink but I haven’t let myself take the knee jerk reaction this time, I know that although I didn’t go crazy over the last two weeks, it will take a little time to even things out and this time I am starting from the inside out rather than punishing exercise routines with a body that is probably carrying at least 1/2 stone more than it should and it’s not like we take it gently is it when get back on it!

So I expect you have seen lots of detoxes around and maybe you have signed back up to Slimming World and Weight Watchers which is fine because we all do what is right for us at that time and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another but for me I’ve decided that I need to know more about what I am eating and how it affects my body.

I know that my liver, lungs, digestive system, lymphatic system can cleanse my body but when there has been an overload of processed foods on top of even just the environmental stuff the body has to deal with, I want to give my digestive system, my gut a break for the next couple of weeks and I really don’t want to experience cravings so this means really thinking about my nutrition.

I want to get my sleep back to normal, my skin and eyes to look brighter, and generally for my body to look fresh.

Juicing is the choice for me this year, not excessive juicing but just a juice a day to start off with over the next seven days and predominantly a greens juice so more green veggies than fruit and as I juice I am learning. Learning what veggies do what to my system. I’m not ready to do a major juice programme as it would be difficult to fit into my life but one juice a day, actually is proving quite easy. And don’t panic I am having two other meals in the day, it’s not just one juice for the whole day!!

Okay yes I do need to buy the food regularly but really this is simple stuff — avocados, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, kale, pear, apples, celery may be, lime or lemon and occasionally a banana — nothing peculiar and I am really surprised that I am really enjoying the juices and juice blends where I juice first then add an avocado and blend the mixture in using the nutri bullet. I thought it would be really awkward but it only takes about 10–15 mins max to make it, then wash up, juice ready for the next day.

I did think that broccoli in a blend might not work for me but again surprisingly nice. I now see how easily I can factor in more green veg into my daily routine without getting all bloated out by a massive dish of veggies at my meal times. I will still have veg but not a plate piled high.

I’ve not bought so much shopping that I broke the bank, nor so much that I will waste a lot because sometimes we do that don’t we? New food plan/diet and let’s buy a massive amount of fresh food that either goes off or we feel obliged to eat when actually we are already full up and then we get bloated and put ourselves off the healthy stuff. I’ve decided to shop on a weekly, every so many days basis.

So onwards and upwards, seven days of juicing for definite and then we will see if I do it every day or every other day to fit into my lifestyle.

Remember it is all about making things fit into your life, not for things to take over your life and stress you out trying to be healthy and it is a choice anyway what we do, isn’t it?

The other thing I’m going to do is to keep a health diary too to see how I feel as I make these subtle changes and new habits creep in to wipe out the old so no doubt I will keep you in the picture with how the juicing progresses.

For me it’s choosing to look seriously at my health and how to keep this body functioning well and at its best. The exercise for me will come second place this year as I seek energy rather than fatigue but I expect that as I nourish my body I will find it has more energy to exercise and will enjoy the exercise more than it did so maybe I will wind up doing more but without feeling that I have to and am doing it because I’m loving it.

So what’s your health quest this year?