What’s your hashtag for 2018?

4 nights left till Christmas – are you all sorted?

I hope so. I’m kind of there, just a few bits and bobs left to do.

Did you see that the class timetable is up for 2018 – see website (www.vivapilates.co.uk) and some of you are taking advantage of my deal and rebooking now (deal ends this week). I think it helps to get your first few weeks sorted in the new year. The longer you leave it, the less motivated you can become in December so make sure you are set for a positive start to 2018.

In this regard – what’s your hashtag going to be for 2018?

What things do you want to do?

Where do you want to travel?

What needs doing in the house?

Have you got any hobbies you could do a course on?

Have you got any fitness challenges you can set?

I really hadn’t appreciated how much it helps to set goals, especially with regard to your health and fitness as we do have a habit of letting things get in the way but if you start to make yourself accountable, this really helps keep your focus and if you work with likeminded people, who also want to achieve a stronger, more positive outlook on life, then you’re in good hands.

My hashtags are going to be #mindsetandmobility for Viva so this is what we will be focusing on through the first six months of 2018. I will be setting you challenges and we are going to actually get more serious about goal setting.

My personal hashtags are going to be #befulfilled and #getagrip because I want to make sure that I appreciate everything I have and everything I do. This is something I believe very strongly in and that keeps me on a fairly even keel. I think we can get caught up in wanting more and more and not appreciating what we have got. With #getagrip this is really about training. If you want change, you have to work for it, there really is no other way. Being in my late forties, there’s no use deluding myself that things will just happen, there has to be focus, commitment and as mentioned above, goal setting otherwise you just meander. Once you start to have more focus, you will be amazed by the knock on effect it has on all aspects of your life.

So what will your hashtags be? I’d love to know and the reason why too.

Have an amazing Christmas and I will be in touch between Christmas and New Year.