What will YOUR workout be today ? 🏃‍♀️🏋️🚴‍♀️

Whats your activity going to be today???
I think it is a great habit to get into of never going more than 3 days without some exercise. 
That could be a class, a run, a walk, a swim, cycle…whatever you like to do….just being mindful of doing something most days…
What will your activity be today????
If the kids are off school visit your local park, take a ball with you, take the dog, power walk. Remember your posture points, head held high, squeeze those glutes 🙂
Go along to your local leisure center for a swim, swimming is a great exercise if you have any aches and pains as there is no hard impact in the water. 
………………Pop a DVD workout video, give it a whirl, 
Whatever you decide to do remember it doesn’t have to be for an hour or two, you can work up that heartbeat in a 10 minute HIIT session or a half hour circuit session. 
Go For it !!!
You will NEVER regret a workout 😍