What will 2017 bring for you?


2017 — the year of living dangerously?

Another year goes by! I can’t believe how fast time is passing so make sure this Christmas and New Year you take stock and actually spend some time looking back at all the events of 2016.

There may have been sadness, madness, happiness and complete chaos but whatever events have occurred embrace them, find the positivity in all of them and get yourself ready for a new year and no I’m not going to say new you — because you can’t be a new you, you are who you are and the sooner you come to realise that and be really happy about that, the better, the more life will start going the way you might like it to.

I think 2017 will be a year of mindfulness, lots of emphasis on well-being and making sure that with all the changes going on around us, we find calm, and we shut that inner critic up for once and for all.

I’ve been asking everyone what their hashtag is for 2017 and it is a question, as business owners, we often get asked when deciding where our business is going each year. So what is your hashtag for 2017?

I’d love to know.

Do you even think about what you might like to achieve through next year and this doesn’t mean massive, life changing experiences, it’s everything from big to little going on in your life.

I’ve decided mine are going to be #getoverit #imeanbusiness #jekylandhyde — why?

Well I’ve had a bit of an epiphany where realisation starts to seriously sink in that you are the only person holding yourself back.

Judgements you make are yours, not everyone else’s. Worrying over stuff, feeling guilty, putting things off, it’s time to leave this behind. Switch off the pity party and start actually moving forward.

Off days do not mean that life has to stop, nor do they mean that if you are following a health and fitness programme that one bad day destroys all the good days therefore you should just throw in the towel.

Don’t you realise that life wasn’t meant to be easy, if it was how boring would that be.

Every trial makes us stronger, makes us more compassionate, more understanding and helps us make the right kind of positive changes in what we do to follow goals, dreams, challenges.

Set yourself a challenge in 2017

Find something to work towards.

If you can’t do something right now, it doesn’t mean you will never be able to do it, it means you have to try and it may take time but the journey will be an interesting experience.

So why did I pick the hashtags above, well for these three reasons:-

#getoverit —

time to stop worrying about what other people think, paying too much attention to what other people are doing, and also dwelling on previous experiences which are over and done with so move on is all I can say for 2017.

#imeanbusiness —

got to put yourself out there to get anything done. Don’t just say what you are doing, do it, make yourself accountable, stop procrastinating.

#jekyllandhyde —

my son is reading this at school so we are doing a lot of analysing why people do the things they do. So this hashtag I’m using as one to say come out of your comfort zone.

Stop being the same old, same old person and change things up — don’t become a crazy monster, but let out that passionate person inside.

Let yourself be creative, do lots of different things and just be really alive through 2017.

So there’s my reasons for my hashtags — let me know what your hashtags are and your reasons and let’s see if we can make 2017 an amazing year.


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