What five words would you use to describe yourself?

Here is the question what five words would you use to describe yourself now and what five words would you use to describe where you want to be in say six months time.

I recently attended a Positive People Networking Meeting. I was interested to see with the word ‘Positive’ in the name what type of meeting this would be and I was indeed pleasantly surprised as it did not follow the usual format of your regular networking meetings. This meeting dug deeper into you as a person and your passion or ‘Big Why’ as most marketing people refer.

There were many things discussed but I was really quite fascinated by what words would I use to describe myself and have you asked your clients what words they would use to describe you.

So off I went home and had a go. Five words that should be easy really shouldn’t it, well I’ve only just done it now.

Strong was my first word, yes I would associate this word with myself both physically and mentally but then actually I am indecisive too so am I really strong?

Second word — intelligent yet if I am so intelligent why am I not running a hugely profitable business?

Third word — kind yet there are times when I don’t always think kindly about people/things/actions.

Fourth word — teacher as I always try to educate people to why they are doing exercise, following a healthy eating plan, etc, yet if I am a teacher is it possible to be a business woman?

Finally calm and for this word I didn’t have a negative at all. Yeah!!

It seemed for every positive, I created a negative. Why didn’t I see those five words as fantastic, amazing qualities that I should be proud of. I don’t think I am alone in having those negative voices in your head trying to spoil things.

So I took a step back, shut off the negative voice, and thought no these are good qualities to have and by questioning them it is actually helping me workout the words I want to describe myself with in 2016 — strong, decisive, a facilitator, organised and successful.

All of a sudden I felt empowered and really positive about the next six months. Just a simple task helped to move me from a mediocre state to someone who is really much more passionate about her work than she realised.

So what words would you use to describe yourself now?

What words would you want to use to describe yourself in six months time?

So next step for me is to create a vision board and this doesn’t have to be work related, you can use this for any and every aspect of your life because ultimately if you are doing things that make you happy, make you feel loved, liked, supported then they are the right things to be doing but you have to allow your mind to be open and to tap into those dreams you may have had and thought don’t be ridiculous let it go — honestly why should you let them go? Let them out, see them, breathe them and just see what happens.

I think in our thirties a lot of us get caught up in just being,because children have appeared on the scene, the cost of living seems to have quadrupled and there just isn’t any time to do things and your relationship — well what’s that?

As we go into our forties, children are getting older, perhaps you don’t really like the job you are doing because that was the job you had to take on whilst the kids were young. Your body has changed and doesn’t seem to respond as quickly or easily as it used to to exercise, to life’s excesses but more importantly I think some of us lose sight of where we are going and our purpose. We start to question just what on earth am I doing here. If you are feeling like this find your five words, argue about them, spend time with them, say them out loud, recognise where are you now and then think about who/where you want to be in six months time. Just try it, it can’t do any harm can it!

I’ve made a pact with myself that 2016 will be a year for pushing down barriers, facing fears and moving on. In the end you are the only person holding yourself back, don’t keep blaming everyone and everything else for not taking action. Take a leap of faith and let’s make 2016 fabulous!