pilates for senior citizens

How are you today? Busy,always rushing around? Trying to work, look after your family, trying to keep fit. How are we supposed to do it all! But do you ever actually consider that maybe if you slowed down and instead of always doing that hard core fat busting class, you did something to relax your body and chill out, this might help you out more than that HIIT workout?

I used to think that to exercise meant always busting a gut, sweating and feeling the burn. Wish I’d learnt a little earlier that as in everything we need balance.

I took up Pilates later on in my life really, in my late 30s and it took me the better part of two years to get my head round it. Allowing myself to focus properly on what was going on with my body and realising things did not work as effectively or efficiently as they should.

Yes time takes its toll on our bodies and some movements may become a little restricted but I find with Pilates the aches and pains have reduced and the injuries are rare now that I have my down time and time to focus on staying flexible and moving more freely.

So what are you doing to let your body de-stress?
A flexibility session will still release happy hormones but without over taxing those adrenals. Pilates can re-energise your body. You can still feel you have worked your body but in an inside out kind of way!

Here are some gentle pilates exercises to help you move more freely and unwind.

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