What a Pain in the Neck …….

So this week is all about the shoulder and neck for me as my free workshop gets closer on Tuesday next week.

I am studying the Franklin Method which combines the understanding of bone rhythms, anatomy and dynamic imagery to help you help your body reach its full movement potential.

The Franklin Method is all about changing your mind, to change your body.

The brain can change based on activity, stimulation, oxygen levels, and the nutrition you give it.

Neuroplasticity, the use of the brain to improve the body’s function, is coming to the forefront of holistic health and wellbeing therapy because no matter how hard you train, how clean you eat, you have to have the right mindset and wiring of your brain combined with an understanding of how your body works to reach your full potential.


In Franklin, it is the ideal combination of limbs, joints, gravity, moving parts, connective tissue and muscle that must be found and directed by your brain and nervous system to help you move more easily.

So let’s talk about the shoulder girdle. What do you think about your shoulders? Anything, nothing? Do you always think of them as tight, stressed?

So first starting point is to rewire your thoughts about this part of our body. Keep on saying you have tension and it will be difficult to break through that hard wiring.

Do you ever think of your shoulders as spacious? Well the shoulder girdle actually acts as a spacer between the arm and the torso when it works well. It should be like a spring and has to have a huge degree of mobility. This happens because the actual joint between the arm and the shoulder (gleno-humeral fossa) is very shallow so it won’t be the joint itself that keeps it stable but the muscles and ligaments surrounding it which is why we have a lot of shoulder injuries going on.

Think about breathing. If you don’t breathe very well, then you will hold more tension in your shoulders. What are the other reasons you might store tension here:- Stress Lack of movement Bad posture Incorrect movement patterns Emotional protection.


How should we deal with this? We want to produce good movement, movement that produces relaxed, aligned shoulders and here is where our shoulder workshop will come into play as understanding your body’s design and it functions better means you can start to focus on where you want your body to go instead of having to react to problems and recycling them over and over again.

You need to change the record! Where do you think your arm attaches?

(you’ll have to have a guess as I’m not telling)

Why do we have a shoulder girdle? Should we keep our shoulders fixed before movement?

It is always worth noting in all movement that we don’t want any one part, muscle of our body to have to work to the max because this is the range where our muscles are at their weakest.

So begins our journey deeper into the world of the shoulder and subsequent reaction it may or may not cause to our necks.

Interested in the next bit — how we can try and remove tension away from the neck?

Then tune into next week’s blog or come to our FREE workshop next Tuesday, 29 November at 9am at Orsett Congregational Church, Orsett.

Tea and coffee also provided!

Answers to questions will be next week but why not have a guess and get in touch!