Well that was frustrating!

Well that was a bit of a wet weekend wasn’t it but even though the weather makes you want to stay in doors and drink hot chocolate, I thought I’d mix things up this weekend instead of doing the same old same old and although I did not quite achieve the desired outcome, I feel better for the change.
Do you find yourself stuck in a rut? The weekends even if they have 18thbirthday parties can still on a Sunday become a day of not achieving very much and although I know we all need a rest, it doesn’t do me that much good. I actually feel better on a Sunday night if I’ve been more active and actually cleared something off my to do list.
How about you? How did you spend your Sunday?
Something I keep reminding myself is that if I want things to change, improve, move forward with my goals, I have to move away from some of the same stuff I keep doing because it isn’t help me move forward in any of the goals I want to achieve and I think you have to remember with this that say you do change the pattern of your weekend but then it doesn’t give you the result you want, don’t think of it as a failure, learn from it.
For example, I’m competing in a Crossfit competition. I hadn’t really expected to enter it, did it on  whim but now I’m doing it and there is a chance of being in the top 60 to go the final, I’m thinking okay how can I get this done so I decided to re-do one of my qualifying workouts today in what we call open gym on a Sunday lunchtime. I don’t normally train at this time, what tends to happen is I wind up watching the TV with my mother in law for most of the afternoon, so I don’t actually get any work done of any kind. So I thought today I will get to the open gym and see if I can add a few meters onto my row. Did it happen yes I got one meter on my row which isn’t really any use to me and then I couldn’t get the lifts I had managed last week. What a waste of time I thought then as I came away from the session, I re-considered what had happened and thought – No actually I feel much better for doing it and all it tells me is I have the strength to do the lifts but not the technique which is why I am failing as the weight starts to get a lot heavier so that tells me keep on working on my technique.
With every pitfall you have to take a positive learning experience from it. I could have thought right I’m not doing that again it achieved nothing but no I am going to do it again train at that time, alter the pattern of my Sunday as when I got back home, I got on with a lot more things that I needed to do which probably if I hadn’t gone would have sat there looking at me.
Have you had this experience when you sort yourself out to achieve something and it just doesn’t happen? How do you deal with it?
I’m really determined that I keep striving to reach my health and fitness goals. It’s not now about weight loss or do I look better than you for me, it’s about how I feel inside, what I can achieve for myself that makes me happy, not anyone else.
What are you going to have a go at this week? Be brave, try something new. Get in touch if you would like more support.