Trying to cut out the Sugar??

If you have cleaned up your diet but still missing sugar it can be a tough at times.

Everyone will battle cravings from time to time.

So here are my 8 top tips to HALT those pesky cravings & stop them in their tracks.

When cravings sneak into your brain and you simply CANNOT think of anything else but devouring a GALAXY Bar / a whole jar of peanut butter/ monster packs of M & M’s or whatever it may be here are my strategies…..

1: Do a HIIT Workout.

A quick 10minute will flood your body and brain with happy hormones & a post workout high

2:DRINK first.

You are more than likely dehydrated so drink a 1 litre of bottled water.

3:Eat more Vegetables.

Load up at on your veggies at every meal.

Veggies are filling & are amazing sources of fibre.

They suppress hunger and keep you satisfied for longer.

4: Nuts.

If you are really craving sugar then choose nuts.

Not salted or roasted go for organic or natural.

Almonds, Hazelnuts, Cashews are fab.

5: STRESS will definitely play a massive role in your cravings.

Try practising meditation on a daily basis.

Start with 2 minutes & build up your daily practice.

6: SLEEP is the body’s reset button and in the case of sugar cravings

insufficient sleep will drive your cravings into overdrive.

Go to bed by 1030 & sleep in a bat cave switching of all infra-red stand bys & phones.

7: Use positive affirmations.

Have a daily mantra that you use and replay in your mind. It could be “I only choose to eat healthy food” and when faced with a craving focus on your mantra.


I always “think forward” & think about how I feel if I cave and eat a bag of M & M’s/Galaxy/Peanut bar jar etc etc

I can recreate the feeling of bloatedness, feeling tired, sick even in my mind and that is usually enough to snap me out of it.

Has this helped you?