That was a week that was!

How are we all doing?

You know what — I’ve been feeling rubbish. There you go I’ve said it, Mrs Positivity as a fitness instructor, very much lacking these last few weeks. I have never felt more fat in my life and that I really might be seriously losing my mind. That whatever I might eat was going to put on at least a stone afterwards and clean food — well didn’t really fancy that.

What is it with these hormones when you are in your 40s!!

I’ve been experiencing the joy of the female cycle x 3 in five weeks. Being greedy really, aren’t I. Should be sharing the love and spreading them out but no my body has obviously decided let’s go for it. Let’s just keep churning it out and see how rubbish we can really make her feel.

Well I am finally getting my head above water. I can now remember why I came upstairs by the third time of going upstairs and I think I can just about fit back into my jeans, having held a water melon in my stomach for the last three weeks.

So what am I going to do about all this. Well this is my year of relax, recharge, restore. It’s time to see how I can improve my health as much as possible as I head towards this onslaught of hormonal war fare.

I’ve taken up juicing and not because it’s all the fashion at the moment but because I want to make sure I am getting enough vitamins and minerals into my body to give it the boost it clearly needs. I’ve enrolled on a Natural Juice Therapist course and aim to be a qualified therapist by the end of June.

I’m going on a raw organic chocolate making course because I do happen to love dark chocolate and when the hormones kick in, if I am going to eat chocolate well why not be able to make it yourself so it really does taste fantastic.

I am continuing my Pilates/Mindful Movement journey this year studying new methods that look more closely at the mind body connection and will be continuing to learn about the best way for women our age to burn fat and lose that middle aged spread. It is possible you know, we don’t have to accept the tyre around the middle.

One thing I have really realised through the last few weeks, is that I must have a positive daily mantra. Something that picks me up when in all honesty, staying in bed for the whole day seemed like a much better plan. At the moment I like ‘Detox your mind and the rest will follow’. I’m going to block out the negative vibes, do more of the stuff that I really like doing and allow myself to have time out to do it.

I did a vision board at the weekend. Yes you might think woo woo land but no, actually it was really nice to let out the inner child and make a pretty, sparkly design with images that strike a chord in your mind and heart. A lot of us have forgotten how to be creative like we were when we were children. Forgotten what it is like to have dreams, aspirations, we’ve suppressed them for so long. The board has pride of place in the kitchen for all to see and ask questions so that it reminds me where I am heading towards this year.

It’s good to have a plan, some sort of focus on where you are going and the vision board certainly does keep those dreams, thoughts, out there rather than buried behind closed doors. Yes some of it might seem a bit far fetched but I am a bit of believer that things can and do happen if you believe strongly enough. There you go, I’ve admitted I like a bit of woo woo!!

So although I am hoping that I am coming to the surface of the murky lake I’ve been trying to swim out of, if those wonderful hormones keep trying to knock me back, I am getting more and more ready for the battle. No pesky hormones are going to get the better of me this year or any.