Summer is coming ….. or is it ☔

So are you summer ready???☀️

You wouldn’t think it with the recent rainfall would you ?☔️

Wasn’t yesterday just awful ? I think i got soaked several times !!! 🌈

Anyway let’s look forward to some sunshine, she says hopefully with fingers crossed ☀️

Are you feeling confident in your summer clothes?? Ready to bare some flesh on the beach??👙

Its the time of the year when we have to get those summer clothes out and hope they fit after a few months in hibernation under the woolly jumpers 😂

I hope that you are feeling good…maybe you have been following some of my tips and are feeling more confident this summer??

I would love to know whether you are embracing the summer this year ready to look fantastic in your clothes or if you are not there yet hit reply and let me know if I can help???