Simple Tips for Health & Wellness

Feeling you’ve lost your way a little, stalled or lacking motivation after the initial New Year enthusiasm?

Never fear, I’m here with some quick tips to keep you on track with your 2017 health and fitness mission.

1: How did you sleep last night?

Most people are going through life chronically sleep deprived which has a catastrophic effect on fatloss, hormones, appetite, brain function, detoxification, gut health…… short EVERYTHING.

Work on your sleep hygiene for the next 7 days and shoot for a minimum of 8 hours.

2: Ditch the dairy and eat green veg at every meal

You will get plenty of calcium & fantastic nutrients, providing you load up on veg. Try juicing your veg for even more goodness.

3: Counting calories/points is NOT essential for fatloss.

Balancing your hormones IS crucial. Stabilising cortisol & insulin (fat storing hormones) levels is key. Eat foods that minimise the secretion of fat storing hormones.

4:Try swapping you boxed cereals for gluten free oats and almond milk, or eggs or even a greens juice.

Boxed cereals ALL contain hidden sugar.

ALL will keep your fat storing hormones doing overtime.

ALL will eventually lead to fat gain.

They are not the best start to your day.

5: EGGS are a wonderfood.

Eat plenty for fatloss.

6: Drink plenty of clean water.

Use bottled or filtered. Shoot for 2/3 litres a day.

7: Carbs are NOT the enemy.

Eat good carbs like Sweet potatoes, brown rice, root vegetables.

8: SCALES Are for fish.

Take weekly photos from all angles.Take your measurements and don’t worry about the scales.

Achieving the health & fitness you really want is so close.

With some simple tweaks you can experience life changing results.

Simple ideas to try today.

Ideas – Switch to a lunch style breakfast 3 x per week.

*Cut down on your daily coffee & switch to Almond milk.

*Go to eating 3 meals a day no snacking.

*Eat or Juice more veg.

These are really easy ideas to start with and build up gradually. You will witness an amazing shift in your health, fitness & well-being.

Have a wonderful day!