Reform your workout… 🏋

Hi can you believe its mid-week again already ?

Today’s blog is all about :

Reform your workout

10 reasons why I choose to workout using the Reformer

  1. To enhance the pilates moves I already know from doing matwork.
  2. To add resistance to moves through using different spring tensions that help me use my body more effectively and the way it should be used, controlling the recoil action as well as the push/press of every move.
  3. I can do moves standing, seated, lying on my back, on my front, take my arms into ropes or my legs and I can also use the foot strap at the end of the reformer to change the dynamics of my movement. The short and long boxes add a different dimension and element as well to how I feel my body moving so that I have to be aware of what I am doing and tune into my body.
  4. The ability to use the ropes to replicate various athletic moves from rowing, to tennis, football, swimming, etc can really improve athletic performance.
  5. If I’m every injured, the reformer enables me to recuperate/rehab far quicker because I can once again use the spring tensions to ease my body back into moving correctly in a secure and safe environment.
  6. The reformer helps me to receive information, reflect upon it and then respond with mindful movement.
  7. I like challenge and sometimes synchronising your coordination with your movement can be an interesting and empowering experience.
  8. There is no reason why I cannot use the reformer for as long as I want to as pilates has no boundaries on age.
  9. Some of the exercises are actually quite scary so you have to learn to put faith in your own capability but be patient getting to those exercises by learning the basics.
  10. There is always a flow of moves that leave you coming away with a total body workout that doesn’t wear you out but definitely ensures that you reach a lot of those deeper into those harder to get to areas of your body.

So question is now when are you are going to reform your workout?