Progress not perfection this week!

This week is all about Progress not Perfection for me – what about you?
We’ve talked about having hashtags as a means of goal setting and moving forward positively in 2018 but sometimes when we are trying to reach our goals, we can get a bit OCD and not give ourselves a pat on the back for the small things we are achieving.
We keep on wanting more and trying to achieve more but sometimes it is important to take a step back and look how far you have come.
I’ve just become an Ambassador for a clothing brand called Just Strong and it made me realise how far I have come since I began my Pilates journey and my other passion Crossfit.
Little did I think or know over 10 years ago that I would predominantly teach Pilates and learn to love mindful movement so much.
Nor did I think in my forties that within two years I would be managing to do handstands or swinging off bars trying to do pull ups.
Our bodies are so amazing and we really should be grateful for what we have, particularly as we age. Valuing your mobility and mindset is such an important factor in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle.
So what was your hashtags for 2018?
I didn’t hear from many of you. I’d love to hear how you are moving forward and no I don’t want to hear what you aren’t managing but the little things that you are, even if it is the fact that you now walk to shops instead of drive, or you’ve allocated ten minutes a day just for you, or you now go to the gym more than once a week.
Just let me know so I can congratulate you on your success.
We all need a pat on the back so don’t be afraid to speak out and say how well you are doing – believe, believe, believe in yourself is all it takes to keep moving forward.
Have a great week.
Helen x
PS – if you are interested in Just Strong Clothing – please take a look at their website and use my code HBARNESS10 to get 10% off.