Oh i’m SO tired….. are you?


Do you get enough sleep?

Sleep is essential when it comes to health and weight loss.

Aiming for 6-8 hours every night of good quality sleep in a dark room is really important

The quality of your sleep is important to, I like to make sure my room is dark, I avoid television and the internet before bed.

Making your bedroom a haven for quality sleep can have a dramatic affect on both your health and weight.

How is your sleep? Hit reply and let me know.

P.S. I am doing a few pieces over the next few weeks on MINDSET and being able to move forward and asking you guys about how your childhood may or may not have impacted their behaviour nowadays.
Here is Part 1 please let me know your thoughts:

Does your childhood shape you?

I thought it might be good to get to know you better and wanted to ask about your childhood experiences

What shaped you?

What do you think might have obstructed you?

Have you formed your own beliefs or are they based on the past?

Interesting isn’t it? How much of what you do can be affected by the influence of others.

I’ve been working much more on mindset because I find clients even with the knowledge of what’s healthy to do and eat and what’s good for their bodies, they still relapse after a period of being ‘good’ which can set them back further than when they started.

Why is this?

I feel it is because we don’t address one of the most important issues going on in our lives. Our mindset. There are reasons why we do things and in order to create healthier habits we have to break some of those less healthy habits and understand why we do what we do otherwise we can never change the cycle.

Do you agree?

Join me next week where I will let you into a few facts about my childhood and how they could have taken me a completely different direction to where I am now but I didn’t let them and in the meantime have a think about what might be holding you back and let me know.