No quick fixes!


So last night, Thursday, was more work on pull ups. I’ve not managed to do all the programme so caught the end of it but it is getting there, just need my lats (latissimus dorsi) to do a bit more. At least I am going when it’s not a session I overly like which is half the battle coming out of your comfort zone so you actually begin to see changes in your body and your mind.
I think Crossfit empowers you and it is really important to do things that do this for you.
You feel your strength changing, you start to realise that if you focus and train consistently then things are achievable. Biggest take home is you have to train, you have to be consistent, there is no quick fix in anything we do and this applies to all aspects of life.
Friday was all about the legs and the session felt good as I like deadlifts and the lunges with bar on back were good too. Sadly it is the second day that the DOMS kicks in but as long as it’s not affecting me moving around then I know I’ve got my weights right and my tempo right when I did the lunges WOD.
It was a really positive week so much so that I have pushed once again out of my comfort zone and I cannot impress enough that this is something you really should do often. I’ve entered the Crossfit Games 2017! Starts 23 February and is open to everyone – all ages, all abilities, etc. I have no idea what the workouts will demand but I want to compete and push myself and see what happens. I’ve never entered this type of competition before so it should be interesting, possibly nerve wracking but ultimately a good experience and a new one at that!
So what are you going to do today to come out of your comfort zone? Let me know.
Don’t be afraid to feel like a fool, if it’s giving you a challenge then that’s what it’s all about.