New month, new focus, breathing

Good morning, how has your week been?

I’m getting back into training but not just Crossfit, I am making more time for my Pilates training as I have been neglectful and with an intermediate matwork course looming ahead in the next few months, it’s time to practice, practice, practice.


A new month is upon us next week and with that comes new focus.


Mondays – spikey balls and breathing with movement. I have begun in some classes to talk more about breathing and as we only have a few sessions in April, we are going to explore our breath with movement whilst also getting a sneaky massage/fascia release with the spikey balls.

Dates:  1 / 8 and 29 April


Wednesdays – well I think will have a bit of fun with the loopy bands.

Dates: 3 & 24 April


Thursdays – we will keep with the breathing theme and a mixture of spikey balls and loopy bands.

Dates: 4 & 25 April


Saturdays – two sessions of Pilates HIIT so you have a full body, sweaty workout. If anyone is interested in dropping into these sessions for a stronger workout, feel free as there will be little equipment involved in these so we can fit more people.

Dates: 6 & 27 April


Going back to breathing to give more explanation why we need to focus on this during class. Every breath you take affects your posture. Every breath you take can change the alignment of your spine, abdominal engagement, tension in your body and because we want to be able to move as easily and as tension free as possible in our pilates classes, we need to notice whether our breath is halting our progress and adding to our tension.


Shallow breathing tends to result in shallow engagement of your cylinder of muscles wrapping around the middle of your body which is your support structure. You are increasing and decreasing the pressure inside your body on each breath and this needs to work alongside your movement.


By focusing on breath, you will naturally focus on your body and therefore actually show up to your pilates session and get stronger, successful results.