My Top Nutrition and Health Tips

I thought I would share some good tips

1: How did you sleep last night? 

Most people are sleep deprived which has a an effect on fatloss, stress levels, energy and that can make us make poor choices when it comes to our food….aiming for 6-8 hours a night is great!

2: Eat green veg at every meal 

You will get plenty of calcium & fantastic nutrients plus they fill you up.

3: Counting calories/points is NOT essential for fatloss.

Think about eating proper food nothing processed

4:Try swapping you boxed cereals for gluten free oats

and almond milk, or eggs or even a greens juice.

Boxed cereals ALL contain hidden sugar. 

ALL will keep your fat storing hormones doing overtime. 

ALL will eventually lead to fat gain. 

They are not the best start to your day.

5: EGGS are wonder food. 

Eat plenty for fat loss. 

6: Drink plenty of  water.

Use bottled or filtered. 

Shoot for 2/3 litres a day. 

7: Carbs are NOT the enemy.

Eat good carbs like 

Sweet potatoes, brown rice, root vegetables.

If you need help with getting your Nutrition back on track then pop along to a class or hit return and contact me here

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