KNow the difference about Calories?

At Viva Pilates we promote healthy clean food eaten as 3 meals a day

We do not cut carbs out….just choose good carbs over bad…..

It got me to thinking about how I used to obsess over points and calories.

Evidence is now pointing towards calorie counting being flawed when it comes to dieting, they are saying that low calorie foods like white rice and potatoes are actually playing a big part in the rise in obesity.

They talk about how a calories worth of salmon (protein) will affect body weight compared to a calories worth of white rice (refined carbohydrate).

I have long held this belief as how can a McDonalds be compared to a healthy balanced meal if it actually contains the same calories. That McDonalds is going to affect your body in a completely different way right?

Over the years I myself have done various diets, I think I have probably done them all!!!

I remember counting out the calories and thinking “oh I can have that bag of crisps or that chocolate because it fits into my points/calories for the day” and I wasn’t really thinking about the ingredients in the food at all. In fact I remember one points based diet back in the day where I had worked it out so that I could eat a Curly Wurly every day (remember my sugar addiction that I talked about!!!)

When you stop counting calories and just eat proper food that hasn’t been processed and has real ingredients in, you feel a release from that constant totting up in your head of the calories as well.

Who wants to be doing a mental maths lesson every time they eat something anyway?

Feel free to let me know your thoughts, are you a calorie totter up or do you just forget the calories and enjoy proper food????