It’s all about PILATES at the moment

I wanted to share with you some of the customer testimonials on why they come to my Pilates classes and how they have actually benefitted from the classes.

This is not a sales hit it is actual reasons why people come back and what results they have had from Pilates.

Many people come from being referred from their GP, Osteopath etc. Just some of the reasons below should help you understand more why Pilates is so helpful to many people suffering with back pain, aches, tension and so on.


I started doing Pilates when I was a dance student at college. It was part of my daily training. It has helped me with alignment and body placement, core strength and helped me sustain my flexibility. It’s not just for dancers. Everyone can use Pilates. It’s excellent for both pre and post babies, helps with core strength and back issues as well as helping mind and soul.
Naomi Oakley

I first did Pilates on recommendation from osteopath having suffered from various lower back problems/injury and general lack of flexibility. Love Pilates as it has improved my flexibility, tamed the back problems and generally makes me feel great. Definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone regardless of age or ability especially if it’s Helen’s Viva Pilates
Jane Reed

I started on recommendation from physio for neck and shoulder problems. Also had ten years of back pain and a disc out. Within couple of sessions 6 months of neck and shoulder pain was gone. My
Posture was better and people asked why I was taller lol.. Learning to breath properly has been enlightening. Improved flexibility. The ability to hinge, all aided by an increase in core strength, which has in turn helped me reduce/manage back pain better. In a nutshell, Improving your posture, core strength and flexibility is a win for everyone regardless of your current condition. It doesn’t have a downside only a plus.. And if your stuck in an office all day hunched over a computer like me, it does wonders in freeing up and releasing all those trapped and tense muscles that build up into problems.
Jason Howard

I started Pilates to strengthen my core when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and a spinal fracture. It not only strengthened my core but continues to give me a holistic awareness of my alignment. I would recommend pilates as part of a way of life for maintaining a healthy body and mind.
Michelle Shiels

After a foot and shoulder injury and operations. I hadn’t taken any exercises for two years. I had lost my confidence to exercise and my expectations on myself were always too high. I needed to start exercising some how. I can do more now with my shoulder but still struggle to take my own body weight. I have a tendon that cannot be repaired but can improve the muscle group around it. At Xmas the surgeon wanted to operate again, but because the strength and mobility of my shoulder had improved, I said it was down to the Pilates. He said he will see me in 6 months and see how I am then. Apart from that I love Pilates, so thank you Helen you know your job very well.
Name withheld

I first started Pilates because of a very bad back. I started with individual classes and moved on to group sessions once I was feeling much better. It helps tremendously and is strengthening my core to support my back. I feel I have improved in my movements and flexibility and posture since I first started and also I really enjoy the classes.Thanks Helen for all your help and support. Sue Watson