It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think….

If you don’t like working out then you don’t necessarily have to, but do think about how active are you every day.

How do you get to work? Is there any opportunity to walk more?

Is there any opportunity to use the stairs rather than the lift?

Can you actually go out at lunch time and walk around rather than eat your lunch at your desk every day.

If you work from home make sure you do take a break as home workers are often the worst at actually getting up and moving.

Don’t sit in front of the TV for too long at a time. Get up or change your seated position regularly.

Why do we want to move more so that your joints stay healthy.

Forget fatloss for the time being but think about having a body that moves more freely and without actual movement your joints will start to stiffen up.

Our bodies were designed to move not to stay in a fixed position too long.

Also if you suffer with lower back issues, again your spine needs to move and your body will also appreciate a less inflammatory diet ie. less sugar.

PLUS If you are a menopausal woman there is tons of research now that shows simply leisure walking to be highly beneficial for both health AND fat loss!