I hope you are not DISAPPOINTED?


I hope you are not disappointed ?

If you started the new year with all guns blazing nutrition and health wise then by now you might be expecting to have………

**Lost 3 stone (unlikely)

**Be brimming with energy…(hopefully)

**Miraculous manifested a million £ (unlikely) or whatever your big goals are.

Well, If you haven’t quite got there yet……..this blog is to give you some reassurance, motivation and hope.

Especially if things haven’t got to your personal plan.

Especially if you placed some high expectations on yourself.

So many people have been poorly and had this wretched cough including me!

You may have had that and it’s knocked you back a bit……

Perhaps you faced some unexpected stress that has side lined your good intentions slightly.

If there is one HUGE piece of advice

I’d like to give today it is…..

Be patience and please take your time.


Give yourself plenty of time to readjust to your new habits.

2017 is all about the small steps and looking at your complete lifestyle, not just reducing your food and exercising more.

Its sleep, stress reduction, lowering your cortisol, optimising your hormones and mind set.

Your mind can play tricks on you with negative self chat.

Keep looking forward. Moving towards health.

So if you can, get out and about enjoy today with your friends and family or enjoy some alone time.

3 weeks IS not long…. and you, my friend, are in this health and fat loss game for the long haul.

Hope you feel better – let me know?