How’s your stomach?

I don’t know whether you realise or not but 95% of the population have problems with their gut health and a good proportion suffer from what is known as ‘leaky gut’

Sounds gross but it is a condition where the lining of the gut becomes permeable and allows food particles to pass directly into the bloodstream.

This, in turn, can lead to inflammation, food sensitivities, brain fog, weight gain, poor immune system, headaches, IBS etc etc etc.

And even people that eat really well and exercise may still be prone to these symptoms and be suffering from leaky gut due to some event/lifestyle in their past.

So you need to actually heal your gut.

How do I do that I hear you cry.

One of the best ways is through eating a ketogenic diet (high fat, medium protein and low carb) coupled with fasting as this will starve down the bad bacteria in your gut and then you can refuel with healthy nutrient dense foods.

So in an ideal world you should fast for 3 days supplementing with plenty of fluids, electrolytes and bone broth. However, I know that I for one could never manage that.

So intermittent fasting is the next best thing.

We aim for a 6-8 hour feeding window. ie you fast for 16-18 hours.

If this sounds horrendous to you don’t panic, let’s put it into perspective. For 6-8 hours you will be asleep so that only leaves approximately 8 hours without food.

If you ate your dinner at 7 pm and you go to bed at 11 pm that’s another 4 hours there so you only have to manage another 4; so basically you just shift your breakfast a little later on.

So to confirm, if you ate your evening meal at 7 pm you dont eat again until between 11 and 1.

You can drink water, fruit or herbal teas or bone broth whilst fasting and the secret is to keep really busy.

Your mental focus will become really sharp and you will actually find yourself far more productive but you obviously do need to stop
yourself from obsessing about food.

Make sure you have your fast-breaking meal prepared in your head at least if not actually prepared, and make it really healthy and nutritious full of good fats, lovely green veggies and some good quality protein.

Will be really interested to hear if you give it a go. Remember, your gut will; thank you!!!