How to best feed your kids

I am always being asked this question…….

When I get asked for advice on this I always say first of all it is a balance, I do not believe in banning foods for kids…they do have chocolate as a treat.

I always come from the health angle…it is never about foods making you fat…it is always about foods making you healthy and being good/bad for your teeth, heart, skin etc

These are the guidelines I use with my children….

1. Start the day with a good breakfast… sugary cereals ( sugar free banana pancakes are the breakfast of choice at the moment)

2. No fizzy pop…I never buy it and that includes flavoured water (again my kids would only have that out in a restaurant occasionally)

3. Make water the drink of choice

4. I cook from scratch for them as much as possible, encouraging them to try different meats and veggies, we all eat the same dinner as much as possible

5. Fruit is the snack of choice, also try out some sugar free baking, mine love the lemon drizzle cake I make for example

​​​​​​​6. Look at their activity make sure they are enjoying exercise, find groups, classes they enjoy but also encourage them to just get out in the fresh air and run around

​​​​​​​I hope that gives you some ideas…I would love to know your thoughts