How strict are you ???

With your diet that is???

Let me explain….

If your current diet is very poor, lots of sugar, takeaways, alcohol, caffeine etc etc….

Then you decide to get healthy, you stock up on all your fresh veggies and meats….and aim to be completely “clean” with your food…

2 things will happen..

You will either manage it and end up lighter, leaner, and healthier OR

You may just get close to it….so you don’t achieve “perfection” BUT

Guess what your diet becomes a million times BETTER than it was before…

So many of my clients tell me “I’ve failed because I had a glass of wine” or ” I was naughty and I had chips at the weekend”

Rather than looking at all the things they have cut down on or given up or changed

Its my job to bring them back to looking at the positives…I find we are very hard on ourselves

So sometimes its baby steps….

What baby step could you take today??