How pilates can make a difference to you

how Pilates can help you

how pilates can help youOctober is National Make a Difference month, so this week, we’ve been thinking of ways in which Pilates can make a difference to your life.

Pilates is so good for you in so many ways. When Joseph Pilates designed the discipline, he did so as a body conditioning routine. Pilates can make a difference to your body, because it builds flexibility and suppleness. Your spine supports the majority of the weight on your body, so when you spend a large amount of time sitting down, either at your desk at work or in front of the television, it becomes strained and can get painful. Pilates can make a difference because it can help to realign the spine, which contributes to improving your posture. A lot of people (especially women) aren’t keen on adding muscle bulk. Pilates builds stamina in your arms, legs and back, as well as concentrating on the core muscles.

One problem with exercise routines is that you can get stuck in a rut, and can lose interest. Pilates can make a difference because it is a gentle exercise that doesn’t make you feel overworked, so you enjoy doing it.

If you feel constantly stressed or down, Pilates is very known to give a sense of well-being, as it combines your mind, body and spirit. Concentration is something that will help to relieve stress, and Pilates focuses a lot on breathing, and requires you to fixate your attention on the movement in hand, and controlling your body to do so. Pilates can make a difference to your awareness of your own body, which contributes to stress management. Being precise in your movements, having control and centring yourself create heightened body awareness.

Pilates can make a difference to your overall mindfulness. This is said to heighten your quality of life, as when a person is mindful, it is believed that their full attention is focused on the present, as opposed to continuously thinking about things which are adding unnecessary pressure to their lives.

As I’ve said, Pilates can make a difference to your life in so many different ways. It can make you fitter, healthier and calmer, which all have so many added health benefits attached. I urge you to give it a try, and see how Pilates can make a difference to you.