How old is old?

I keep reading more and more about older women – older women looking good, getting fitter than their younger counterparts, getting out there and enjoying life. I was reading a great article by a friend of mine – Catherine Daniels, Fabfitforty, and it made me want to chat more about this interesting topic of just what constitutes as old!

Did you see Jane Fonda recently at 79 she was looking amazing and yes the haters came out in their force to put her down for having a hairstyle like Arianna Grande (ponytail), wearing a pink dress (you shouldn’t wear that colour apparently when you are old!) and the usual she must have had such a such procedure done. Well maybe she has had a couple of procedures done, she can afford it, most of us can’t but a lot of how the rest of her body looks is down to looking after her health and wanting to stay feeling vibrant as you get older.

Why did so many people feel they should condemn her for this?

It’s a funny world as you go through your forties as a woman. I think we get far more critical about our looks than we should be. Yes, your body is changing and some of it you can’t do much about as it’s meant to change as you move away from reproductive years to I suppose grandparent or dare I say it cougar years if you’re unattached!

Your face will show more signs of use – sadness, happiness, a wealth of experiences that in the past 40 years have impacted your life and all the face cream in the world can’t hide all of this but really why do we want it to or should we care? Our wealth of experiences have shaped us, important times through our lives that may have been sad but also will have been very happy and in all honesty, did you really think you could keep the same face from your 20s?

You could, of course, go for natural botox where you barely move your face at all and see how that works when you want to laugh and socialize.

Clothes – this is another area that seems to concern the youngsters. What on earth are you wearing mother? Really, that’s not for your age. Why? That’s all I can say. Why? Yes I get it if I was trying to fit into something that is beyond doubt three sizes too small for me, then fair play you can have a go at me but if I chose to wear something more frivolous which isn’t going to harm you, does it matter what us 40 nearly 50 year olds are up to?

The biggest take home I would pay attention to if I were a younger woman is just how good these older women are looking. They are paying attention to their health which is the key to really feeling fabulous as you get older. There is an energy pouring out of them which is a bit contagious if you hang out with the right kind of people. There is a lack of worry about what other people are thinking because, in all honesty, you’ve been there, done that, moved on and we are much more in control of our
lives, our bodies, what we want from life.

I love the tag ‘new old’. I always want to be a ‘new old’ person because it is only when you get to the ages classified as ‘old’ that you realise you don’t feel old at all sometimes I do go to sleep thinking maybe I’ll wake up and start to feel like the older person I’m supposed to be and then I think nope pretty unlikely because I want to be vibrant till my last breath.

So how do you classify old? Even if you have got to nearly 80 and would then get put into the very old category (LOL) because
the numbers say so if we think of ourselves as old then I feel we kind of drag our health down. Just like anything if you think you are, it tends to happen – the placebo effect really.

I hope to keep teaching exercise for as long as physically possible. I will modify, vary what I do as the decades pass but I will not classify myself as old because I don’t want to be old basically. I will keep my body strong, I will socialise and keep meeting new people of all ages and living life to the full because to a greater extent being in my late forties means that the shackles are off and I don’t mean that horribly but my son is older now, and doesn’t require me being at home the whole time. There are so many opportunities now that probably weren’t as available to me during my 20s and 30s therefore really 40s plus it’s about time we all started having the time of our lives really and realizing some of those dreams because anything is possible, isn’t it?

Have a great day x

Helen (staying young at heart) Barness
Health with Helen

PS If you need help to move forward, to feel younger, get healthier, then please do get in touch and let’s get  you feeling vibrant again.