How much time do you spend SITTING DOWN??

Hmm …well, I couldn’t find an actual CHAIR Emoji for my title?   ….

So, this newsletter is inspired by Ex-Kickstarter Mick (thanks Mick!) …who posted a FB vid about making little changes in your daily life to improve your health!

So whilst getting regular exercise is always encouraged and recommended – especially by me.. 

It’s true to say that the average person sits down for too long each day! 

Do you remember a documentary last year telling us that ‘THE CHAIR IS THE ENEMY” (although sometimes we definitely feel like it’s our best friend!)

Just getting up and moving about can be very powerful in improving your health..

If you sit down for 4 hours at a desk in the morning and then 4 hours in the afternoon, plus 2 hours in the evening watching TV etc …

You are spending a large part of your day in a sedentary way!

So how can you change that????

Small changes:

How about… work?

You could:

Stand up and walk around the office every 30 minutes

Stand up and move every time you need to get some water

Always stand and/or walk around room when talking on the telephone

Consider getting a standing workstation where you can stand and work on the computer 

Consider doing a 5-minute walk break with every tea break

Don’t email office colleagues; walk to their desks to communicate with them

Or at home…

Get up and move during every ad break – go get a drink of WATER (upping those fluids 😉 )

Get a stationary piece of cardiovascular exercise equipment and use it for several minutes each half-hour of TV viewing or reading (maybe not the squeaky cross trainer unless you have headphones haha)

Stand up and do some easy (i.e., not strenuous) lunges or squats at least once per half hour (make ’em laff from the other end of the sofa!)

Stand up and move for the opening segment of each TV show

At the end of reading every 4, 6 or 8 pages get up to walk around the room or house

Could you benefit from simply MOVING more? 

Small changes add ups to an overall BIG change!

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