How hard do you work for your health?

Hard work – just what are we really prepared to do when it comes to our health?


I read a lot of health and fitness information because information is always changing as studies continue and begin to show results or not as the case may be but I think we are all living in a bit of a misconceived world where we are fed information that you can lose weight really quickly, you can change shape, tone up within weeks, well reality check it’s not as easy as that to get into shape and to then be able to maintain it and continue to improve. It take hard work and if you put in the work, then the rewards will be immense.


Something that I am finding as I get nearer to 50 is that I am not as in control of my body as I would like to be. Yes hormones are altering, lifestyles are changing as you tend to have more disposable income to spend and wind up going out more and getting more relaxed about drinking and eating and I would say a bit lazier about your health.  But we have to appreciate that now 50+ it will not be easy to stay in shape or get into shape and that’s not to put you off trying, it is just stating facts.


We are older, we have experienced more of life and this has a consequence massively on our mindset and our bodies. Our joints have taken the strain for fifty years and possibly they are taking more strain than ever because we have gained weight. We have without doubt experienced emotional traumas which knock our resolve but ultimately for me now, the work has to continue and the desire to stay fit and healthy not flounder just because at the weekend you had a few drinks and feel like you’ve let things go.


We so easily give up don’t we and find an excuse to give in because actually it is hard to stay in shape. It does mean certain aspects of living need more moderation perhaps even cutting out if you are causing a risk to your health by not looking after yourself.


Fifty plus does not mean downhill, it does not mean that we should always look for the easier options when it comes to fitness. Make sure you are ticking the boxes in all aspects of your health:-


Weight training / resistance training

Cardio vascular workouts that actually raise your heart rate so you can’t chat

Interval training




Then consider what you are actually eating because it’s all very well increasing your exercise but if you are eating badly you will not recover and you will find your new resolve does not last long because the aches and pains are taking over.


We all need to have recovery days, particularly if  you choose to do intensive training but this doesn’t mean you just sit around and do nothing. Treat this as your mobility training day, just make sure you move around otherwise those aches and pains will get a lot worse.


If you struggle with eating well, make tiny changes. Even ditching one biscuit a day has a huge benefit when it comes to weight loss and reducing sugar intake.


Change things up regularly as although I love to have you come to pilates every week, make sure you are doing other activities that get that heart rate pumping.


So back to that question how hard are you prepared to work on your health?

Me – I’m going to work a lot harder than I have been because it is going to be harder but I want my fitness and my mobility and to feel good so there is going to be some positive mindset work and positive changes to my lifestyle to do this – what can you do to help your health even a little bit?

Let me know – get in touch.