Holidays over …… sadly…… BUT back to Routine for us all 💪

Marbella was good ………
How are we today ?
We’ve just come back from our holidays Swanage and Marbella which was also a working holiday.
Swanage was the whole Barness family which was brilliant as I think these times can be few and far between and when all said and done you’re family keeps you strong.
Marbella was about refocusing and what a beautiful place to do it. Last year we we went abroad in October and the weather was miserable so we didn’t want to risk that again this year.
Harry and I love the pool and we had Addie along too to share a room with Harry.
The hotel was beautiful, you may have seen some of my pictures, and it’s has definitely been a successful holiday destination. What was I doing at a workshop here?
Moving my business forward on the social media front and in this regard I’d like to ask you a favour if you are on social media facebook, Instagram if you have time please could you share and like my posts where possible as this helps me obviously promote my business but also pass on useful information to more people.
What is my aim into next year to expand the classes either through taking on other instructors so we can increase locations or collaborating with other health practitioners to assist clients coming back from injury or getting back into movement I will be developing an online programme for beginners which doesn’t necessarily mean beginners joining me but broader scale so that anyone can get to grips with my style of the basics and learn to move more easily.
I will be looking to do progressive pIlates workshops as well as educational for those who are expanding their mind body movement journey and we have a retreat being organised for next year hopefully with a yoga teacher I know.
We are working on dates at the moment.
For those who do want to get more from pilates there will be more in the pipeline to come to help you with your journey.
All in all exciting and busy times to come and as always your input is welcomed, feedback is vital to moving forward so please feel free to get in touch at any time.
Have a great week.
Ps don’t forget to book your classes!