Health, fitness, holidays!!

Yes it’s the school holidays once again and I suspect we are finding it harder to stay motivated generally to keep on top of chores and our health and fitness. The sun is out too so even more challenging to keep away from that glass of prosecco or possibly a G&T.

So what can we do to stay motivated with our health and fitness through the holidays:-

1 Firstly just accept that you are not probably going to get to the gym as often as you might like during the holidays but that doesn’t mean you can’t be active and do other things. Outdoor activities — visit the park, bike riding, etc.

2. Don’t stress about the fact that your schedule is up in the air because if you stress about it, your health and fitness will suffer. So this falls back to acceptance again that things have to give when the kids are off.

3. Just because it is the holidays doesn’t mean though that we have to start eating rubbish. If you do go out do a picnic that’s healthy rather than trust to the park cafe which doesn’t usually supply much healthy food at all.

4. If you are going away only take those trainers if you are completely sure you are going to train, otherwise look at the holiday as a chance to do some different fitness activities so that you can ditch the trainers and not put pressure on yourself. Sometimes just taking the trainers has the reverse effect acting as a deterrent to exercising. Swimming is a great way to have a workout and you don’t have to go up and down the pool, you can do a standing aqua style workout whenever you are in the water. Walking barefoot along the sand is a great way to keep active and actually work your legs more than you expect.

5. The sun is out and yes wine, beer, etc, seems such a good idea so in trying not to be a spoil sport why not have 1:1 ratio of alcoholic drink to non-alcoholic because the hotter weather dehydrates us so let’s try to balance things out and we know that the more we drink, the more likely we are to have a binge of all sorts of foods that we regard as ‘must not haves’ when trying to lose weight (which by the way is the wrong mindset when trying to lose weight permanently).

6. I try to get as many things done in the house as possible during the holidays and get my son involved in these activities. Are there things that you can do as a family that gives you a hand around the house? Rooms that need tidying, clothes to ditch, cupboards to sort — you might find it boring, but your kids might find it interesting so why not get them involved.

7. Are you making the most of all that’s around you? Sometimes just doing the simple stuff like taking a walk along the beach, by the river, through the woods can be really relaxing and keeps you active. Getting back in touch with nature is again an opportunity to do different activities through the holidays that there just isn’t enough time for when school is back on. Set a nature challenge to keep everyone occupied and include prizes — always good to have a degree of competition.

8.We could of course take a different attitude and get our workout done first thing, if you normally do it in the evening and you are starting to fall away with this through the holidays because of distractions. This way it’s done and we can get on with the rest of the day, it just means don’t lie in every day through the holiday. It’s all a matter of choice and making it fit in simply with our holiday lifestyle.

So hopefully there are some points here that will help you stay on top of your health and wellbeing through the holidays. Remember your health and wellbeing is up to you and no-one else and should be considered as a long term lifestyle rather than a quick fix. Have a great day.