Have you hit the dreaded Menopause yet ???

The Menopause….

It is a major massive thing for us women I know, and if you have a family history where the women around you have found it tough it can be even more scary

I know there will be people reading this who haven’t reached it yet but know its going to happen! 

Some who are peri menopausal so starting to show symptoms (this can happen in the mid thirties!!)

And those who are in the throes of it plus those who have come out the other side!!

One thing all of us have in common though I am sure is that you want to experience it the best way that you can, you want to minimise your symptoms and be as healthy as possible to make the transition as good as it can be.

You want to have minimal disruption to your life and feel as well as you can?

Well managing your weight and fitness levels is going to have a massive impact on how you go through the menopause.

Your symptoms can be helped through following a good clean diet that allows your hormones to stay in balance and not be on a rollercoaster plus regular exercise is a massive help as well.

I saw the doctor from Embarrassing Bodies being interviewed recently and he was saying that if women enter the menopause overweight then they are at much higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and certain cancers.

He also said that if we enter our menopausal years at a healthy weight we are far more likely to continue that post menopause.

I want to make sure that I am in the best health and shape that I can be, I want to minimise the risk of getting any of those horrible diseases above and I want to continue to enjoy a healthy energetic life.

So I for one will continue to follow a clean diet, I know that when I eat this way, I sleep better, have more energy and keep my hormones in check.

I want to go through my menopause prepared, knowing that I am in tip top health and looking after myself, Its NEVER too early to look after your health!!

So who is with me?

Are you ready to get clean, improve your fitness and change your life?

I am all about health not just what the number on the scales say, my number one goal every day is to help women improve their lives!

I am here to help you if you want it…..please hit reply and tell me how you are feeling? 

I want to hear of you are in a great place and feeling good OR if you are struggling and want help, talk to me.

Now that I am online I can help anyone anywhere so don’t be shy!