Have you checked your breakfast cereal recently?

Today I want to discuss breakfast.

Sugar and breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you get it right can keep you energised, focused and full well into the afternoon.

Get it wrong and you’re on a blood sugar roller coaster for the whole day!

Most families have a cupboard full of cereals (go on be honest, how many varieties have you got?!) but even those that profess to be healthy are full of sugar!

Some ‘children’s cereals have as much as 38g of sugar per 100g (OMG!!!!!!)

Special K which is sold as a weight loss aid, prides itself on being low-fat but ladies and gentleman, fat is NOT the problem sugar is.

Special K contains approx 7g of sugar per 40g serving (more than a slice of McVities chocolate cake!!!!)

We all know the dangers of consuming too much sugar (don’t we????!!!)

But hands up if you still feed your children cereals?

The more sugar you feed them from an early age, the more likely they are to become used to it and the harder it will be to introduce ‘healthier’ options.

Read your labels and compare carefully.

Food manufacturers are sneaky sods at disguising what they don’t want you to see.

Make sure you compare like for like re serving size.

So, what should I have for breakfast?

A protein-rich, lunch-style breakfast is key to stabilising blood sugar and keeping you full.

Make eggs your friend- they are awesome and so versatile!!

Try salads, stir fries, leftovers.

If you ‘need’ something cereal like, have some porridge with almond/rice/oat milk (we will be discussing dairy at a later date) or better still buckwheat or quinoa porridge

There is NO rule that says you must have certain foods at breakfast time.

Ditched the sugar already, but feeling crap? Headache, snivels, low energy?

If so, don’t panic, its normal withdrawal and WILL pass.

Let me know how you get on