H is for Helen and Hormones yep you heard it right

I have been doing some studying into hormones

The information being around the fact that those who are struggling to lose weight have a hormonal imbalance…we know it is not simply a case of eating less and moving more


​​​​​​​Our hormones are telling us whether to burn fat or store fat….


All these years of being told

Eat low fat
Exercise for hours
Use smaller plates
Count your calories

​​​​​​​When if your hormones are not in check…….it is going to be really hard for your body to burn fat…in fact there are many factors which will make your hormones tell your body to store FAT

And to add to that, from the age of 31 our hormones start to decline……

So getting our hormones in balance is key to becoming a FAT BURNING machine!!!!

So how can we eat for health……how can we try to maximise the way our bodies burn fat?????

1. Cut out processed foods and refined sugars

2. Eat a diet rich in proteins and good fats….FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY

3. Cut down on alcohol and caffeine

4. Cut out stress from your life

Let me know your thoughts….​​​​​​​