Do you take time out for YOU ??

A big question I guess??

I know lots of you reading this are busy busy busy, you run around working, looking after family, parents and everything else we squeeze into 24 hours….


I am seeing more and more frazzled women through my doors beating themselves up that they cant be perfect and get everything RIGHT

So todays simple message is to go easier on ourselves…..

No one is perfect… if you slip up on your diet, you maybe don’t fit in all the exercise you had said you would do or just still haven’t got started yet….

Remember what I always say…you cannot change what you have done so far but you can change what you do today and tomorrow….

Taking time out for us is so important…

Be that a class, a walk in the park or just simply having a cuppa and reading a book…….it is vital for our health and wellbeing to not just focus on what we eat and our activity but lowering our stress levels..

I would love to know what you are doing today for YOU….

Why not come along to class and revive yourself, Spring is in the air and the weather is great for uplifting your mood, be around positive people …