Do you take FISH OILS ? 🐠🐟

There are plenty of reasons to take a quality fish oil for health, but particularly for FAT LOSS!

For us all, there may come a point where the body has adjusted happily to the clean diet and may have plateaued on fat loss. There are a couple of supplements that you might consider taking to help (magnesium is one), and a good quality fish oil is definitely worth the cost.

Omega 3’s are the important fats that the body doesn’t make itself and therefore we need to get this from our diet. They are important in that:

# they help to regulate the hormones instrumental in fat loss – insulin and cortisol

# the cells of our body are surrounded by fatty oils – more omega 3 means that the cells will be better surrounded and protected, and will help to regulate & manage the hormones, in particular helping improve the sensitivity of insulin, whose main job is to regulate the body’s blood sugar levels

# they help to reduce inflammation in the body … which left unchecked, is the root of all chronic disease

Lots of research performed with many different control groups has found that people taking the good quality omega 3 fish oils have much better fat loss than those who don’t…AND a recent TV documentary reported on a trial where the best absorption was not from food, but via the supplement! (Of course I haven’t checked to see whether the programme was sponsored by the supplement manufacturers ….. )

Take a tablespoon (like medicine) or 5 capsules – seems a lot but is equal to tablespoon! Keep it in the fridge to stop it going rancid 🙂

ALIMENT or Natures’ Best are both very good quality – about £9 from Amazon!