Do you suffer with Back Pain?

Are you one of the 2.5 million people in the UK affected by Back Pain every year?

The numbers are increasing dramatically with more people heading to their GP, Physics & Chiropractors seeking advice and treatment.

Do you currently or have you ever suffered with back pain, back problems or just regular back ache at various times?

Does this affect your ability to exercise or has it stopped you from embarking on a exercise programme?

Is your back pain is stopping you from getting fitter and living a healthy lifestyle ?

Did you know that Inflammation in the body contributes to aches & pains and a multitude of niggly health conditions including back issues, pain and postural imbalances.

Reducing and cutting out common foods that are known to cause inflammation is a huge step in helping your condition and seeing symptoms diminish.

Cutting out sugar, wheat, gluten & dairy products will see a huge impact on inflammation resulting in you feeling healthier, stronger mentally and physically.

Getting your nutrition on track will help you improve:

  • Mental well being
  • Focus and positivity,
  • Sleep
  • Flagging energy levels
  • Vitality and well being.
  • Manage Chronic Pain
  • Stress Levels

Become pain free as your inflammation reduces.

More information is available on my website or pop along to one of my classes and have a chat with me and let’s help you alleviate those back pain issues: VIVA PILATES