Do you need HELP?

Do you need HELP?

Fitness fitness fitness – we are told every day to get fitter, stronger, healthier but how do we really do this?

There’s nothing scarier than walking into a gym for the first time or going to that aerobic class when you don’t know anyone. This is probably why I don’t choose to go to the regular gym but after you get over that initial nervousness and get shown round the amazing equipment and up-to-date, fully equipped studios (of course) – what next?

This is the big question.

Why have you decided to get fit?

Take your time, because we really do need to have an answer to this one in order to be able to start your fitness journey the right way.

I work with many different people, from all backgrounds, ages, sizes, men, women, children and more often than not the time I get them is when they are damaged, broken in some way, shape or form.

How does this happen?

Well I think quite often when we all start our fitness journey, we don’t go through the basics and actually this can apply to how we approach our daily activities too.

We don’t actually take time to understand our bodies and how they need to be moving and active the majority of the time.

If your fitness class/session actually breaks you every time and you are getting stiffer and less mobile week on week – can you tell me how that benefits you?

So what would I determine as the foundations of fitness? To be honest, and this is something I’ve learnt when older rather than younger (wish I knew then what I knew now scenario!), it’s the simple movements of living that we need to master to help ourselves be fit for purpose.

Squating, lunging, jumping, climbing, pressing and throwing

Movements that will improve our overall strength, endurance, flexibility, skill and speed.

Everyone needs to develop their base level of fitness before increasing the intensity to avoid injury and sadly I don’t think this aspect of fitness is taught well enough for people to appreciate its importance.

So why do I say do you need HELP? Because this is what I think we all need when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle

H – a holistic approach to your health – taking into consideration your whole body, inside and out

E – being given an education on health, wellbeing and fitness

L – learning all aspects of fitness and how unique we are. There is no one programme fits all.

P – getting enough practice at movements before you increase your intensity whether it be heavier weights, going faster, etc.

How can we get HELP?

Basically by taking care of ourselves.

Making yourself accountable whether this be to yourself or someone else and probably someone else is the better option so you don’t give up too easily.

Determining goals – every time you walk into your fitness session, there should be a goal so that you can walk out and assess how you did and whether you have progressed.

Scheduling what you do and when you do it to stay active both physically and mentally.

Learn about the different approaches to fitness. Just what is out there and consider how it will benefit you so that you do the right programme to help you age well.

New habits have to be formed and these take time. You can’t expect to be fit within 3-6 months. You may well be fitter, but fitness itself is an ongoing journey. You will probably remember when you’ve taken a time out and come back to exercise it is ten times worse than it used to be so this is why what you choose to do has to be sustainable.

I love variety and I think our body’s do too. Although I do Pilates all the time, I vary the other activities so that I do squat, lunge, jump, throw, press, etc on a regular basis as these are our foundation moves.

Community is a huge aspect of being healthier. Do some research before you join somewhere. Do a trial period maybe to see whether this is the right environment for you. Remember it’s your health and wellbeing, don’t just take the cheapest option, check things out.

Ultimately to make the most progress, you need to be involved with teachers and people who are like minded that want to see progress in their health and wellbeing.

Investing in yourself is so important and although it might be something you have never done before regarding fitness, if it at least gets you to understand the basics, even if you’ve been exercising for a while, a mentor or guide is worth the investment but be picky – speak to a few mentors/coaches before you take one on.

Health and wellbeing is a lifestyle that needs to be sustainable and moving you forward. Never be afraid to ask for HELP because it is out there.

Fitness should be fun, fulfilling and fruitful – the F plan so to speak.

If you need guidance feel free to get in touch.

Have a great weekend.

FYI – In September 2018 I will be opening up the doors to fitness mentoring whether it be long term or short to help you guys move forward. This won’t be a generic package, it will be dealing with your individual fitness/health goals and will be on a small scale so anyone who wishes assistance, advice and support gets my full attention.