Do you get Quality SLEEP ?

How Did You Sleep Last Night?

Getting the best sleep you consistently can, and bringing your stress levels down on a daily basis are the biggest things to do when you are addressing your health and trying to lose body fat.

Getting off to sleep fine, but then waking up at 1am totally wired with a million ideas running through your head.

Trying to solve problems and feeling really creative.

Wanting to get up and clean the house? What IS that all about ?

This has a catastrophic effect on the adrenal glands and sends Cortisol – the stress and fat storing hormone through the roof.

It not healthy and this has a knock with your appetite, cravings, mood, depression and belly fat.

Unless you address your sleep losing fat and feeling at your best really is an uphill battle.

Magnesium is key. Taken as supplements or from your foods if you can.Aim for 7 / 8 hours consistently and your stress levels will drop and so will your body fat and you should feel HAPPIER.


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