Being Prepared is the KEY to your success….

Happy Tuesday !!!

Hope you are well?

The key to success in your healthy lifestyle is to always be prepared!

Get it now?

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail is another saying that is so true when it comes down to your nutrition or exercise plan.

So here’s a few pointers to hopefully help you from now on

  • Sunday evening, plan your meals for at least 3 days in advance
  • Always have your go to items in your fridge which for me is salad, eggs, fish, avocado, broccoli and I always have frozen veggies for when my fresh stuff runs out.
  • Do a weekly online as it will save you time, money AND stop you being tempted by all the stuff you don’t need!

These are just a few simple pointers but can make all the difference.

By planning your meals n advance you will only be buying what you need.

Without planning you may be tempted to buy tons and tons of fresh stuff which will invariably go off and be wasted.

If you have ‘domino foods’- you know those that you start eating and just cant stop.

Just DON’T BUY THEM!!!! If you do it for long enough you will break the habit and can then possibly have them in the house without being tempted.

So let’s get more prepared as it will help everything run more smoothly.

Sunday night have a plan for the next three days.

Get your shopping ordered online weekly.

And if you need any help getting organised just get in touch.

Have a great day.