Been injured, feel out of sync? Stressed out, tired? You need Pilates!

Everyone is always so busy and life seems to get on top you. Do you find that you get anxious more often, worry, experience more mood swings and your joints are getting a little stiffer?

What fun getting older is! isn’t it!

But it doesn’t have to be all pain and no gain!

Acute pain is quite often the result of a one time trauma with excruciating pain and when it does not get resolved fully, it will become chronic. Through pain our posture starts to take on different habits because for the 6 weeks or so when the pain was worse, we found a new way to move, less efficiently but it was effective and enabled us to move. Now those new movements patterns have become habit because we are a little bit nervous that the injury will reoccur, even if the area that we may have initially injured or had the pain is now okay but it seems as a consequence other areas of our body have tightened up!

So how do we create positive changes in your body to getting you moving more freely and to reduce stress, tiredness and anxiety?

Well we need to look at what exactly is going on with you and ask a few questions about how your body is working day to day. Now I am not going to dwell on the negativity as this places a more negative outlook into your head by asking when you feel pain and stiffness. We want to get your mind ready to feel positive and pain free and to get your body moving.

I would rather know what movement can you do most easily and most freely? What helps you sleep? Are you fresher in the morning than the evening? Do you feel invigorated after exercise? Do you sit comfortably when working or watching the TV? for example and change your outlook on how your body is feeling.

The list could go on I am sure. Why do I think like this because to dwell on what is not happening can often perpetuate things. We want to look at what makes you feel good, check that you are moving well doing your daily activities and then add to these movements as we aim to broaden your range of movement.

Quite often we are stuck in repetitive movement patterns through injury, work or just what we do at home which ruins our posture and ultimately creates tension in our joints. You may well find it is the movement that is not part of your regular activity that gives you most freedom!

Our body is so complex but an important part of being strong is not just muscular, but also what’s happening with your connective tissue which is a very flexible framework holding the body together. It morphs and adapts to movement and positions and supports joints, bones, and organs.  The repetition of daily living dehydrates connective tissue and even more so when the body is out of kilter using one area more than the other to move. We want to start altering the way you move day to day so that you make better use of your body, a more balanced movement programme. For example if you have been standing up for a long time do some chair squats and waken up your legs. Change your body position and move it around, even if you swing your arms around, just move!

Quite often the connective tissue is forgotten in our training and recovery and Pilates is very useful method of wakening it up through lighter movement where you can use bands as a resistance. Pilates helps you explore your movement trying to get the whole joint to move more freely. With calming but upbeat music your mind starts to unwind and your body relaxes and you leave the session feeling invigorated and looser.

If you would like some simple Pilates exercises to help you move more freely, just drop me an email or text 07956 520767.