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Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably? Then perhaps you are a bit too sedentary? How many hours a day do you sit down? Have you got a sitting clock? Do you go to the gym x3 sessions per week? 60 minutes at a time so you are achieving recommended guidelines of 150 minutes of exercise a week […]

What exercise do you do to de-stress that body?

How are you today? Busy,always rushing around? Trying to work, look after your family, trying to keep fit. How are we supposed to do it all! But do you ever actually consider that maybe if you slowed down and instead of always doing that hard core fat busting class, you did something to relax your […]

Are you training hard but not smart?

This week I want to stress the importance of getting back into your training safely and effectively after the new year as some of you may already be hammering yourselves with exercise to shed weight, tone up again but have you factored in time for recovery? No then here is a few tips to make […]

Why do Pilates in 2015?

  Happy new year, it’s 2015 and what’s one of the first things everyone starts thinking about after the excess of Christmas – their fitness and losing weight so you are no doubt saying why should I think about doing Pilates. It’s not going to help me lose the weight I’ve put on over the […]