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Do you need HELP?

Do you need HELP? Fitness fitness fitness – we are told every day to get fitter, stronger, healthier but how do we really do this? There’s nothing scarier than walking into a gym for the first time or going to that aerobic class when you don’t know anyone. This is probably why I don’t choose […]

Are you making this mistake?

Hello everyone I’ve just started reading a book called The World’s Fittest Book. It’s not about how you get fit as in do this, do that, but about all the different methods people use to get fitter, stronger, healthier. Ross Edgley the author has spent over a decade traveling and visiting various people, not necessarily […]

Members of the Month! – Why Frances and David joined Viva

I’m pleased to announce that we have two members of the month  Frances and David Shaddock who attend the Monday and Wednesday Pilates sessions. Congratulations to them both on their attendance and continuing interest and love of Pilates.  So as members of the month, I thought I’d ask a few questions to just why they […]

Three ways to reduce stress

Today I want to talk briefly about stress, unexpected events and how we deal with the unexpected challenges that stir that flight or fight response. Do you ever think about how you react to stressful situations – flight or fight – what is your stress response? I never used to until probably my 40s when I […]