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New month, new focus, breathing

Good morning, how has your week been? I’m getting back into training but not just Crossfit, I am making more time for my Pilates training as I have been neglectful and with an intermediate matwork course looming ahead in the next few months, it’s time to practice, practice, practice.   A new month is upon […]

How hard do you work for your health?

Hard work – just what are we really prepared to do when it comes to our health?   I read a lot of health and fitness information because information is always changing as studies continue and begin to show results or not as the case may be but I think we are all living in […]

Just what’s all the fuss about the menopause?

Just what’s all the fuss about the menopause? Did you see recently in the press and finally on mainstream TV a documentary on the menopause this week. Talking about the time in women’s lives that seems to:- Make us hot Kill our libido Stop our brain working Increase our girth Reduce our energy levels Give us […]

How do you stay fit at any age?

How do you stay fit at any age? Do you consider what type of exercising you should be doing as you age so that you age well? Or do you just keep doing the same thing? I’m on my way towards 50, and during this 4th decade of my life from 45 plus I have […]