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TO GYM OR NOT TO GYM — that will be the question How are we all doing in these changing Corona times. We have seen the gradual re-opening of retail parks, and now pubs and wait with eager anticipation for the gyms to finally be allowed back into the public domain but how will it […]

New month, new focus, breathing

Good morning, how has your week been? I’m getting back into training but not just Crossfit, I am making more time for my Pilates training as I have been neglectful and with an intermediate matwork course looming ahead in the next few months, it’s time to practice, practice, practice.   A new month is upon […]

How hard do you work for your health?

Hard work – just what are we really prepared to do when it comes to our health?   I read a lot of health and fitness information because information is always changing as studies continue and begin to show results or not as the case may be but I think we are all living in […]

Just what’s all the fuss about the menopause?

Just what’s all the fuss about the menopause? Did you see recently in the press and finally on mainstream TV a documentary on the menopause this week. Talking about the time in women’s lives that seems to:- Make us hot Kill our libido Stop our brain working Increase our girth Reduce our energy levels Give us […]