Are you tense?

It’s been a great week back to pilates and fabulous that all classes are virtually full, in fact, Saturday morning is full so sorry no space till re-booking in February now for that one.
I’m strongly encouraging all my clients to make use of the pilates blocks this year so that we reduce as much tension as possible in the neck, shoulder and hips which tend to be the areas we find are most uncomfortable when doing some of the pilates moves.
Why do I want you to use a headblock? If you find when lying down that your head is tilted back so that the back of your neck is shortened, this is not a natural place for your head, you need a small block to level your neck out so that your eyes look to the ceiling and your neck is not shortened.
In the same way, if your neck is shortened at the front due to trying a block then you don’t need it.
When we do seated work (which is not much but there will be some in January), the block enables you to sit more comfortably so that you hold less tension in your lower back and also your hips.
If your hips feel tight when seated, please use the block.
If your lower back is flexed when seated, you really do need the block as you are not sitting on your SIT bones of your pelvis which means your lower back and hamstrings are to be less technical kind of blending together and ultimately any rotational moves could go into your lower back more than mid to upper which is the targeted area. Constant rotation trying to use the lower back will eventually lead to a sore back.
Also if you were hoping to feel less tension through the back of the legs, we need to try and find those SIT bones so that the lower back does not get pulled into the stretch you are trying to give your hamstrings.
It took me nearly two years to sit on my SIT bones and a block was required to assist.
If you are a few years down the line with pilates and still finding the tension in the hips, we need to try to remedy this and make some small but really positive changes.
If your shoulders and neck continue to bother you, even though you are doing pilates, then we need to look more closely at your head position. The block will also give you the ability to let your shoulders widen towards the mat more easily than if your head is tilted back.
So my homework to you this month is notice what is going in these three areas – neck, shoulders, hips and make some changes to help you move more easily and if you would like a one to one session in this regard, get in touch and let’s improve your mobility for 2018.
Have a great week and enjoy the weekend.