Are you socially engaged with yourself?

Are you socially engaged with yourself?

No it’s not a trick question, I’ve just been putting together new pilates programmes for the next couple of months and decided that this month — June is going to be all about social engagement but not on instagram.

We are always very preoccupied with everyone else, aren’t we?

She looks fabulous, why can’t I be that slim, or why can’t I do that pilates move and she can?

Constantly paying attention to others but never to ourselves so for June this will be our month of enlightenment so to speak.

I teach Pilates and also like to participate in Crossfit — I know this is going from one extreme to the other but both practices satisfy my personal need for calm, freedom of movement, as well as the huge rush of lifting weights and competing in Crossfit competitions.

I strongly believe the only way I endure what could be hardships from the more aggressive exercise I do is because I practice pilates to maintain my mobility, mindset and motivation tuning in daily to my body — being socially inter active.

I ask myself how does my body feel? What do I need to do to help and this is what I want to encourage my pilates clients to do to so that they too can get more out of their movement.

This month instead of me telling them what muscles to work when you do your pilates exercises and how to breathe, they are going to self assess their own movement and ask a few questions:-

Am I tense before I even move?

Am I breathing comfortably, steadily throughout the movement?

Does the movement feel good?

Do I create more tension or less as I move?

Where is the weight being held in my body as I move?

What actually moves when I move?

There is no absolute right way to move as everyone is unique but it is so important to listen to how your body responds to movement if you want to actually effect change. Poor movement patterns won’t go away, if you can’t even recognise when they are happening.

Even simple things when you stand — can you feel your foot, can you feel where the weight is placed?

When you do a shoulder bridge how well does your spine articulate? Where is the weight in your feet?

These subtle connections with your body will start a most dynamic conversation that will give you 1,000s of likes as you feel your body respond and start to move more easily and freely.

Happy emojis after every session as you enrich and nourish your mind, body and soul so that you get back to living in your body just as a child does. They don’t over think, worry, they just move in the early years and explore all kinds of movement.

So question is how are you going to start your conversation today with you?

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