Are you really powerful?

Are you really powerful?
We went to Liverpool the other weekend to go to a wedding so I bought quite a lot of magazines to keep me occupied on the train. I love catching up on gossip, fashion and other people’s advice on improving your health and wellbeing.
In one magazine, Red, there was an article by Shonda Rimes, the scriptwriter for series like Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy and she was looking at how a lot of women are just not being aware of the power that they possess to be their own person.
Yes we are getting older, having kids, looking after parents, people, working, etc, but we shouldn’t be letting this stop us being confident and making decisions for ourselves and doing things just for us.
We also should not be feeling that as you hit your 50s you are less attractive or less able to have say a different career or take up new and different hobbies.
It was a great article which I talked about on live stream on facebook (I hope you are tuning in during the week on my Viva Pilates page?).
I think we all need reminding from time to time that we are allowed to do things for ourselves every day. We must be careful not to get caught up in living our lives for other people/family. We weren’t put on this planet just to serve everyone else and we need to throw away guilt because guilt eats away at you.
The article continued to talk about not looking inwards all the time at your faults but looking outwards and all the opportunities around you.
If people are uncomfortable with you and what you want to achieve, it is their problem not yours so move on and probably away from them.
Keep your dreams alive but don’t just keep them as dreams. Start to figure out some of the things you would love to do can become a reality. If its finance that’s the issue, then start working out a savings plan. If it’s lack of confidence then take steps to start improving your confidence.
Seek out people who are more confident and can help you move forward. Become more selfish, it is allowed you know. Being selfish means that you are starting to take care of yourself.
Seek out self love and self acceptance is the biggy. You need to accept who you are right now, not who you were. It is only when you do this you can start to move forward in all that you want to do.
When making decisions I am now adopting the 3Rs–receive the information, reflect upon it and then respond. Don’t rush into anything and don’t judge people as you will never know the full story to why or how they got to where they are at now and if you are preoccupied with other people, then arguably you are not giving yourself enough attention.
So let’s ask again are you really powerful?
Yes of course you are. You have the power within you to make your own decisions, do what you want to do, to live your life being fully present.
Don’t throw this away.
Let go fear and start to stride out……