Are YOU Perfect ?

Are you someone who is impeccably PERFECT…….Monday through Friday with your nutrition & fitness?

Do you find it easy to eat clean when you are in your weekly routine?

Do you fit in your HIIT workouts?

Are you organised with your slow cooker?

Are your meals planned, shopping all done & by FRIDAY you feel…..


MAYBE… (although I DO NOT recommend this)

You jumped on the scales this morning & found you had  lost a few pounds or did you take your measurements & you’ve lost inches round your waist……


That is WONDERFUL News 🙂

I am so happy for you it’s a great feeling.

YOU feel positive.



In control.


Blah blah blah ,

Plus, it’s nearly the weekend so a bigger bonus!

So, this is the hard bit……

As it’s mid-week you’ve had an invite to meet pals tomorrow or over the weekend.

Do you drink? Not drink?

Do you have a “CHEAT MEAL”

Do you “just have 1 dessert…”

The choice, of course, is yours but it could take you BACK where you started from last week…or worse.


You could stay focused & on a mission?

THINK how you would feel this time next week.

If you had carried on over the weekend…….

You would feel even more ECSTATIC.

YOU would feel even more positive.

You would LOOK even better……

Life is most definitely for living but with the weekend looming there will be

LOADS of chances to break your routine & indulge……MASSIVELY

So why not give your healthy lifestyle a bit longer and push on this weekend?

Keep away from the saboteurs & keep going….keep pushing forward.

Let me know what you decide.